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So​aring New Heights To Harvest Your Dreams!

To establish a lending company that focuses on technology and the client/customer experience foremost. To provide hope, inspiration, and opportunity to individuals and their families; by making available quality services and training based on ethical, moral, and biblical principles. We provide short-term real estate loans for professional real estate investors by utilizing private capital to foster a cooperative environment among REO asset managers, title company officers, Realtors, and investors.  Experienced individuals assist to ensure that your deals cross the finish line for the good of every person involved within the lending process while providing investors with a faster and easier way to apply and receive approval for all their loans.

High Performance Solutions

The Tormar Family of companies is a collection of entrepreneurial entities providing investment solutions to active and passive investors.

Business Structured

Business Purpose lending for residential and commercial assets offering Competitive, Flexible Terms and Streamlined lending process.


Reliable Lending Platform

Specializing in next-generation investment platforms and niche residential lending solution loans.

What We Offer

Reliable Funding

As a full‐service Private Money lender, we do most of the leg‐work for you. When it comes to real estate investment, funding is the life blood. Funding keeps the deals going whether it’s fix-n-flip projects or long term holds. We ensure you have not only enough funding but also the right kind of investment property loans to keep all your investment activities on track. Whether wholesale, rehab, or buy and hold for long‐term cash investment deals, Tormar delivers fast and easy access to Private Money. We're an equity‐based lender which means we care more about the property's merits, and don't focus on bad credit, recent foreclosures, or bankruptcy.

Customer Service

Tormar Capital Solutions is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. If you want to apply for a private money loan, make sure you have the property you wish to buy under contract, then begin the application process. Each lender in our network has been thoroughly vetted which allows our customers the safest way to find a lender. We match you with verified private money real estate lenders who are ready, willing and able to lend on your real estate investment.

Premier Problem Solved

Tormar Capital Solutions LLC is here to help real estate professionals work smart in a digital world. Money is now looking for you for any type of real estate investment. Long or short term financing. Purchase, refinance, rehab, bridge, construction, development, and everything in between. Lenders have raised billions to deploy into the market and need borrowers like you to lend to. It is simple supply and demand. Money is now looking for you! More options with better rates and terms.

Proof Of Funds Guarantee

We generate a personalized Proof of Funds letter which are frequently required by real estate agents to show that you have the funds to close on your real estate investment. That's when the agent feels confident to submit the offers to sellers. Proof of Funds letter might also be required along with a purchase offer contract in some real estate transactions. Never the less, Tormar Capital® makes it incredibly easy to generate a Proof of Funds letter to provide to real estate agents or other interested parties on your behalf.

Property DNA

Collateral DNA Property Report allows our clients and customers alike the ability to learn in seconds the flip potential of a possible investment. Property Scan evaluates a subject property and its neighborhood without an appraisal. Property Scan is an automated data report, which includes: Comparable, Sales transactions, Plat maps (optional), Satellite photos (optional), Homogeneity Score, Conformity Score, Property-use profile, Property characteristics, Foreclosure flags, and MLS information within the neighborhood. Now is the time to make Property DNA part of your review process for accurate analysis on even the most challenging properties.

Investor Focused

Tormar Capital provides asset‐based lending to investors looking for funding on non‐owner occupied real estate investment deals. All our loans are evaluated through the value of the investment, as opposed to solely looking at credit like traditional lending institutions. Even if you don't meet the stringent requirements and guidelines of traditional banks, you may still qualify through Tormar. We are here to provide capital to real estate investors and allowing our clients to gain financial freedom through profitable real estate transactions.
  • "It is well organized, and geared to benefit you as a serious investor. "SOARING NEW HEIGHTS" I hope to take out much more in the near future"
  • "Foremost resource for my funding...What's extremely amazing is that people who don't know how to flip property are the biggest skeptics."
  • "Fantastic...This organization lives by what they say. Help others and you will get what you want. I really appreciate the service and concern. "

Our Services

We at Tormar Capital Solutions LLC work and partner with some of the leading sources of private money in our great nation. With over 75 years of combined experience and over a billion dollars in real estate loan transactions, we can work with investors from all over the nation and fund all types of loans from large commercial properties to single family homes. If you have a great deal and know where to go, getting funding is never difficult. Luckily for you, you've discovered the go-to place for quick and reliable funding on real estate investment deals.


Tormar Capital BANK
Time to receive loan money As few as 10 Business days 90 days +
Basis for loan approval A common sense approach that focuses first on the Property and then on Experience / Income / Assets Rigid Guidelines, Rules & Credit Committee
Minimum FICO scores Flexible Typically 740+
Required documentation Standardized Significant
Application Fees Only our actual costs Review, processing, application fees, etc…
Loan Types Investments Properties: Single family, multi-family, short sales, bridge loans, foreclosures Owner occupied
Rates 7.25% – 18.9% (Based on Experience / Income / Credit / LTV )
Loan to Cost Up to 90% Up to the Bank

From navigating rigid lending guidelines to dealing with lengthy closing times, traditional banks can be a pain to work with. At Tormar Capital Solutions, we provide you access to the private money you need to fund all your real estate ventures quickly and efficiently. If you’re ready to think outside the bank, fill out the online form and/or give us a call and start building your own personal real estate empire TODAY!!!

Straight Forward Terms

We lend and you pay us back with interest only payments and a full balloon payment at the end of the term. That’s it. We specialize in the financing of non-owner occupied investment properties. Tormar provides Mortgage Brokers, Borrowers, Investors and Real Estate Agents with funding for investment property acquisition and refinancing. We provide business purpose loans for clients that seek to:
  • Fix & Flip
  • Buy & Hold
  • Rate & Term
  • Cash Out & Refinance
  • Bridge Financing
  • Wholesale Financing
Fast Approvals. Quick Closings. Competitive Rates.

General Loan Guidelines

  • Non-owner Occupied Only
  • 1st Trust Deed Only
  • Term 3 to 24 Mos.
  • Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out, Rehab, New Construction
  • No Pre-Payment Penalty
  • Loans Up to 75% LTV
  • $20K-$25 Million
  • SFR, 1-4, 5+, Condos, Commercial
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Stated Income/3 Months Bank Statements
  • No Minimum FICO Requirements
  • Financial Condition--Down Payment, Construction/Rehab Costs, Closing Costs, and 3 Months Reserves Required
  • Cross-Collateralization Allowed
  • Applicant/Borrower Must be an Existing, Valid US Business Entity

Why Choose Us

Specialized Solutions

Tormar Capital Solutions LLC is here to help real estate professionals work smarter in a digital world. Our solutions enable individuals and teams to identify and benefit from more opportunities, all while providing an outstanding experience for real estate investors and consumers.


We at Tormar Capital have the privilege of working closely with some of the most well respected companies in the real estate investment industry. Ranging from insurance needs to benefit programs we can put you in front of the most ethical and trustworthy businesses across the country.

Relationship Building

When originating a loan, it is our members’ desire to see the loan succeed and perform in accordance to the agreed upon terms. At no time will our members originate a loan based solely on the desire to see the recipient fail with the express intention of obtaining title to the property. This is not just a transaction, we want to be your partner today and in the future. We are invested in your success.

What They Say

Tormar Capital Partner Program helps market, sell & deliver the remarkable results clients expect. The program provides an unusual amount of support, training and exposure to ensure the partners generate new business opportunities. Partners offer services that drive retainer-based relationships and having dependable recurring revenue enables Tormar Partners to grow and scale their businesses.

“It is all about the people, building relationships that last forever and mutually helping everyone involved to succeed massively”.
Jimmy Ingersoll

"Consummate professionalism and good, steady returns. That’s what I was looking for and that’s what Tormar delivers".

Anthony Layne
“As a real estate broker myself, it’s kind of funny that I came to these guys for some help, but they really do specialize in an area that I don’t. So far, I’ve been really happy with the service and have gotten some good advice.”
Trevor Boyer
“I am happy to provide referrals to your team at Tormar Capital. The documents and procedures are simple, readable and professional. I’ve had many investors comment on that as well as your personal service.”
Vernon M, Escrow Officer

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